we met with the cat begins dg dg acquainted Ello, giving a companion for my son syane. Ello has a character very...
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We intentionally adoption steam, steam is gorgeous and a partner who is right for fufu. Steam started to follow some international show...
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Fufu is scottish fold … first we made our handsome face melted at first sight. On each cat show fufu always get...
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Cakwe prospective stud, maine coon distinctive profile and my beautiful coat color and dense, characters who are spoiled and like to play...
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anakan pertama kami dari Meredith silveryn Vs Lucky Tiger. Besar di lingkungan yg penuh kasih sayang menjadikan karakter chicleopatra manja, bersahabat dan...
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Meredith Silverin

Meredith Silverin adalah Maine Coon pertama kami, dia sangat cantik dan berkarakter sangat bersahabat sehingga merupakan kesayangan keluarga. Setelah cukup umur Meredith di kawinkan dengan Lucky Tiger milik Mizu Cattery, inilah awal mula kami mendaftar Cattery CFA, agar anak-anak Meredith Silverin memiliki Sertifikat Pedigree

Bella Rossa

Bella Rossa began to participate Fun Cat Show at the 5 months old and always won the best kitten, with the experience, Bella Rossa...
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Tirtham Jaws Wayland

Tirtham Jaws Wayland is a handsome maine coon, he’ve big bones, wide ears, a long tail and shaggy and fur all over...
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Kucingku Chicleopatra is kitten of Mioowcoon Meredith Silverin VS Tirtham Lucky Tiger  Female Date of birth 01 Desember 2014 available for adoption